Weekly offer contest Jul 25, 2019
After a while, we decide to bring back weekly offer contest.  There are five prizes for the top five earners.  Good luck

Weekly Contest for Holiday Nov 3, 2016
We have added weekly contest starting from today and end just right before Christmas.  Do as many offers as you can to win some holiday cash.  Happy Holiday

Please disable IPV6 from your computer Sep 23, 2016
Please make sure disable IPV6 function from your computer operation before log in.  We have found that some users are having issues with log in due to IP update from some ISP.  Please make sure you disable IPV6 function from your computer before log in.

I am back Dec 20, 2015
I apologize to every member who has been delayed on payment, response on tickets during last year and half.  I had been caught up on my other project and could not get to do my job here on time.

However, I am about to clean up my emails accounts that have over 15,000 unread emails, and getting this site back to track starting from 2016.  All payments will be sent and tickets will be answered promptly.  I wish everyone has a merry Chrismas, and Happy New Year.

Best Wishes,

password reset Sep 3, 2014
All password have been reset today.  Please using forget password feature to reset your password.  If you need help, please email to support(at)

PeanutLabs Offerwall May 20, 2014
We now have PeanutLabs offerwall on site.  Thanks to PeanutLabs for giving our members another venue to monetize on internet.

House Cleaning Apr 5, 2014
We will be starting to remove accounts that have not logged in site since 2013 to better serve our active members.  Furthermore,  any members that have not logged to the site for more than 1 year will be put on inactive status.  You will need to send in ticket to reactivate your account.

Best Regards, Team 

Site Maintenance Apr 1, 2014
Please be informed that We will be performing some site update tomorrow evening (4/2).  Please be patient if you find the site is down. 

New offerWall Added Mar 8, 2014
We are pleased to announce that we just add a new offerwall, CPA Grip.  The wall can be found here:

Password Apr 29, 2013
Please use forgot password feature to reset your password

New Offerwall Added Feb 9, 2013
We are pleased to announce that we add two more offerwalls to the site to increase the earning opportunity for members.  Please log in to check the walls available now.

Facebook Page Dec 4, 2012
If you have any problem of loading the site, please read our facebook page.  Thank you.

Happy Holiday Nov 22, 2012
We, the staff, at would like to thank all our lovely loyal members for all your support and wish you have a wonderful holiday season.

New Offerwall Jan 14, 2012
New OfferWall from PaymentWall is added to

New Offerwall Jan 4, 2012
Peanut Lab offerwall now live at

Marry X'mas and Happy New Year Dec 24, 2011
We at wish all of the world have a Marry X'mas and Happy new Year.  We also are giving away extra offer bonus to offers done during this Holiday week.  Make sure to check offer contest page for more details.  

Free Two Day Shipping for Amazon Customized Reward Nov 25, 2011
We now offer free 2 day shipping when you order customized reward that is sold by  Just in time for Holiday.  Enjoy.

Supersonic Nov 15, 2011
Supersonic Offerwall is back. 

Thanks and Giving Nov 1, 2011
It is the time of year for us to give something back to our loving members. We are giving away 3% of whatever you earn during this month back to you as a thank you for being in out network.  However, due to some restriction of the software we use, we only can give to top 100 members who have earned the most during this month.

1st Referral Contest Sep 5, 2011
The 1st Referral contest is announced.  1st prize is $25, and there are 10 places for winning the contest.  Start referring new members now.