Offer Guide 2


After reading this guide you will be ready to do offers and make some money! You need to follow what the offer requirements say or your chance of crediting will be very low.You have to use valid information (Name, Address, Phone, Email Address, etc.) Most offers are free but they are paid offers available and they are worth a lot (Credit card offers). After you finish the offer and do what it tells you to do, then you can submit the offer.Offers will not always credit the first time you do it, but like what I said above if you follow the directions and use valid information your chance of them crediting will be very high. Some offers will credit instantly and some may take a few minutes.There are also offer that take up to 3 days.The average amount of time the offer usually credit is under each offer (This is just an average. They may credit faster or slower than time listed) When your offer approves you will be rewarded the cash or points that the offer was for.


APPROVED: Offers have been credited and you have been rewarded the amount listed.

DENIED: Offers have been reversed and you will get deducted earnings for the offer that has been denied.

PENDING: Waiting for approval of offer(s).

IGNORE: Ignore the offer and it will not appear in the offers page unless you delete it and it will come back.


These are offers that you can complete for points.They are just like the site offers but you don’t have to hit the submit button.They will credit automatically.They are located in the "OFFERS” tab at the top. There is a ton of money to be made on these walls!