Guide 1

This is a general offer guide.

These basic rules should any offer credit better.

1. Browser: You should always be using Firefox unless stated otherwise. Certain download offers, for example, require Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Note that the Alpha builds of Firefox also work extremely well. Opera browser may also be used. Please be aware Opera Mini is not allowed as it is a proxy connection and any type proxy connections, VPN, VPS, Data Centers or the like are not allowed to be used.

2. Reset: You should reset your cache and cookies after every offer. For the current build of Firefox Nightly (9.0a1), one needs to click on "Tools" and then "Clear Recent History." You will need to re-login to this GPT site, and any offers currently in progress will be reset.

3. E-mail: You should always use a unique email with every offer. Yahoo emails are generally limited to 25 per email address. You can visit the or other localizations for more email addresses.  Temporary or burner emails are not allowed.

4. Loading: Let every page finish loading completely. The "blue swirly" should disappear when it is finished loading.

5. Speed: Some offers have an invisible time limit. Be sure to finish each offer within 15 minutes of starting it. ~redrage323

6. Please make sure you enter your correct and truthful information or items will not credit or may be reversed. All studies should be completed thoughtfully and honestly, no speed completions, and no short or rubbish answers such as "sldkfskdfoierj" , "no",  etc.